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The BioART Fertility Centre South Africa offers a unique experience in fertility treatment and artificial insemination.

Opening the doors of hope with the keys of experience.

With more than three decades of experience in the field of infertility, the BioART Fertility Clinic have been instrumental in successfully assisting couples in realising their dream families for many years.

The BioART Fertility Centre offers a unique experience in fertility care and treatment with state-of-the-ART technology, delivered with a personal touch, dignity and finesse. Patients are recognised for their uniqueness and individuality and thus treatment plans are tailormade to suit individual problems and needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best chance that you have as a couple to achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery. All our fertility care efforts are directed to accomplishing this goal.

Although our primary focus is on assisting couples to fulfil their desire to have a baby, at the BioART Fertility Clinic, we pride ourselves on continuously excelling in the field of research and development and enjoy many academic achievements, accolades and affiliations. With regular publications in local and international journals, we continuously strive to enhance our research and development in the field of Infertility. It is this passion and dedication to academia and technological advancements that has won us the 2019 Young Scientist Award in Austria, Vienna for our presentation on HIV and the Association with Poor Ovarian Reserves.

We have a close working relationship with prominent tertiary organisations.  Our doctors are Honorary Lecturers at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS Medical School).

We are an accredited training centre for Embryologists and have been in collaboration with the D.U.T. (Durban University of Technology) for more than 20 years. During this time, we have trained and nurtured many successful Embryologists, who today  are employed at numerous fertility centres countrywide. Currently we are involved in 4 separate research projects which we believe will soon enhance our patient’s fertility outcomes.

Through the years, our Doctors have been pioneers in many developments in the Fertility field.

  • Laser Assisted hatching – 1997
  • Trans Myometrial Embryo Transfers
  • Autologous Mitochondrial Transfer
  • Laboratory Tele-Medical Systems
  • Oocyte cryopreservation
  • Micro-tubal surgery
  • Micro-TESA (Testes Biopsy)
  • Sub-Endometrial Embryo Transfer
  • Stem Cell and PRP Therapy (Ovary/Endometrium)
  • In vitro maturation

The centre is always striving to improve itself through these developments. We are fully SASREG accredited clinic.

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Genetic testing involves the profiling of embryos before implantation takes place. In some cases genetic testing may also be done on the oocytes before fertilization. It is a procedure used to screen for genetic diseases.

Oocyte Banking
Sperm Banking

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Highly Qualified Specialists

Our kind and compassionate care team includes physicians, nurses, medical assistants and other support staff

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Our fertility treatments are available to all. We gladly welcome and accommodate International Patients who require our services

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The center is equipped with high-tech and approved equipment that ensures the best possible treatment

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We Work with All the Pathologies

We help people fight against reproductive difficulties, infertility or fertility problems who dream of starting a family

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Dr M.I. Cassim

Dr T. Mohamed

Dr Y.M. Dasoo

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Egg Donor and Surrogacy

At Bioart Fertility Clinic we have comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of egg donation and surrogacy. We have a booming base of 1,000 donors.

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Egg Freezing/Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation in general, and egg freezing in particular, are quickly becoming more popular for women all over the world because more people want to start families later in life.

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Semen Cryopreservation

Semen cryopreservation is a procedure to preserve sperm cells. The benefit of this procedure is that the semen can be used successfully indefinitely after cryopreservation.

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