How to select a Fertility Clinic ?

How to select a fertility clinic?

The mere fact that you may need assistance conceiving your child is distressing, and deciding on which fertility clinic to choose, may add even more stress to an already overwhelming situation.  With so many choices, mixed reviews, scary stories and high stakes, how do you make an informed decision?

At BioArt we are aware of what an important and potentially difficult decision finding the right IVF clinics in South Africa for you is. With this in mind, here are a few quick tips and points to consider before you dial that number to make that first appointment:

You have to spend money to make a baby

Perhaps foremost in the minds of most couples is the cost factor involved in embarking on fertility treatment.  Currently there is limited regulation regarding pricing of fertility treatments.  So if you are prepared to pay more, ask yourself what exactly are you paying for?

You are as strong as your weakest link

While the doctors may be the name and fame of a practice, it’s not only the doctor’s credentials that are important to consider when making a choice of which clinic to attend.  Most importantly, the credentials of the embryologists behind the scenes “making” your baby are essential to bear in mind. So why not choose the doctors and embryologists with the highest credentials?

Talk is cheap

Many fertility clinics make fancy claims based on conjecture, exaggeration and at times, downright fabrication.  Ask yourself, where is the evidence for their claims?  Currently, unlike clinics in Europe, there are no auditing of fertility success rates in South Africa, so be careful of clinics that promise you impossible results, and if you would like to get a more accurate indication of fertility success rates, the claims in Europe, where results are audited, would be your best bet, in order for you to bench mark treatment success rates.

Keeping all the facts in mind and using your own critical reflections will stand you in good stead when you decide on who to partner with.  Before you embark on a fertility journey, perhaps you may want to visit a few places to get a ‘feel’ for a clinic before you make an appointment. We have no doubt that your first impressions of BioArt will leave you feeling confident that we are the right partner for you, not only because of our world class facilities, but also because of competitive pricing and access to some of the most skilled fertility specialists and embryologists South Africa has to offer.

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