Which Fertility Treatment Could Work For Me?

According to the World Health Organisation, as much as 15% of couples who are of child-conceiving age are affected by fertility issues. This translates to a global rate of almost two couples being infertile out of every ten that can easily conceive. Believe it or not, research suggests that the numbers may be higher in South Africa. There’s a variety of issues that can contribute to this kind of challenge, ranging from medical conditions to genetics. The good news is that there are also many options to pursue when it comes to fertility treatment.

There’s no universally ideal solution for every case, as each patient and couple is unique. In this article, we list four options worth discussing with your fertility clinic.

1) Receiving A Sperm Or Egg Donation From A Healthy Donor

The use of an egg or sperm from a donor is applicable in a range of situations. From heterosexual couples with unhealthy cells from one or both parents to same-sex couples who need an element from the opposite sex, this method has helped many couples conceive.

2) Taking A Prescription Of Fertility Drugs Over Time

In some instances, hormonal imbalances or shortages are the main causes of fertility issues. Where this is the case, fertility drugs can be used to create a balance that makes the body conducive for conception.

3) In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) – Growing Embryos In A Controlled Environment

Another option is IVF, which entails removing sperm and eggs cells from potential parents and fertilising them in a monitored lab. Following successful fertilisation, one or more are implanted in hopes of achieving pregnancy. This method is particularly helpful for mature women with fertility issues related to their age.

4) Surrogacy – Having A Healthy Woman Carry The Pregnancy To Term

For women who struggle to carry pregnancies to full-term, surrogacy may be the answer. The surrogate is artificially inseminated, either with sperm cells from the intended father or an embryo from both intended parents.

The most important factor in selecting the best course of action is your health and safety. The costs and possible effects vary from method to method, so ensure that you cover everything you need to know with your fertility treatment clinic. Not sure where to go? Book an appointment with BioArt Fertility Clinic today.

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