What Do We Really Know About The Causes of Infertility?

‘Infertile’ is a term applied to a woman that has been unsuccessful in trying to conceive for a year or more than six months in the case of a woman past the age of 35. Infertile is not something that anyone should be ashamed of. Just like with any other disease, there is hope that it can be fixed. Fertility is a natural bodily process and if it isn’t happening then it’s okay to ask for help because it’s not your fault.

What Causes Infertility?

There are many factors that do contribute and there are twice as many suspected causes that contribute to infertility. The problem is that we don’t know about every single possible danger to your uterus. This is why it’s impossible to address every likely cause.

Infertility can be caused by any number of things. You name it, it’s likely to have been linked to the disease in the past or present. It could even be announced as a cause tomorrow; nothing is safe!

There is evidence that supports the possible likelihood that artificial hormones like birth control and fertility drugs do lead to women having a harder time conceiving. There are just as many opposing findings that support the use of these aids. Simply put, we can’t say for sure, we can all simply do the best we can.

There are a number of underlying causes that we are positive about. These include factors such as hormone imbalance, high levels of prolactin, lack of the luteinizing hormone, inadequate hormone production, physical blockage, anovulatory cycles, endometriosis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and more than a few others.

It has also been noted that poor nutrition does play a role among other lifestyle choices and things that you expose your body to such as chemicals, alcohol, cigarette smoke, and so on. Age is something that doesn’t play as big of a role than earlier medical professionals thought.

What Can We Do?

The best thing to do is to focus on what you can control such as dietary and lifestyle changes. These have a larger impact on fertility than you will ever know. From there, working with healthcare professionals and staying positive are the next logical steps in your journey.

There is always hope, the key is to never stop trying. Imagine that the thing that’s stopping you from conceiving is Mount Everest. It may seem impossible or you may not even see the top, but you will persevere and try your best which is the best that any of us can do. Your best shot, if you’ve exhausted your options is giving IVF a try. The BioArt Fertility Clinic are infertility treatment experts and will work tirelessly to help you have a family.

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