Preventing Certain Types of Fertility Problems

Most people think that infertility is natural and that most people just have it but this is not always the case. In many cases, infertility can be self-inflicted, whether it was intentional or not. In other words, it could something that you’re doing which is interrupting your reproductive system from performing at 100%. Let’s take a look at what you could be doing to cause fertility problems.

Smoking. This is a hot button topic for many people who are trying to fall pregnant. Because they don’t see what the smoking does to their bodies on the inside; they believe it’s not the issue. However, medical science shows us repeatedly that smoking is harmful to the body and to the reproductive system. It can cause a low sperm count and sluggish sperm in men. In women it lowers fertility and is linked to miscarriages. If you are trying to conceive, it is a good idea to quit smoking.

Eat healthily. Yes, everyone tells you to do this. All the TV shows and magazines tell us to eat a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables every day. It may seem like a lot of nonsense but it’s not. Eating healthily is essential to having a comfortable and healthy body. Your body needs the nutrition that healthy food provides and your reproductive system will benefit from it too. You wouldn’t put artificial petrol into your car because it will destroy it from the inside, so why would you put artificial/processed food into your body?

Drink less alcohol. Sure a glass of wine is not too bad for you. It is excessive and regular drinking of alcohol that can cause damage to your organs. And yes, this includes your reproductive organs. Rather avoid damaging your internal organs and increase your fertility by reducing your alcohol intake.

Do some exercise. You probably didn’t want to hear this because a person needs to be calm and careful when you’re trying to fall pregnant. That’s an old wives tale. You need to be active. It is good to engage in light exercise on a regular basis. Why? It gets the blood to flow through your body more effectively thus allowing oxygen to enrich your body. However, don’t do any heavy exercises.

If you have any concerns about why you’re not able to conceive, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a fertility doctor. They can tell you exactly what you need to change in your lifestyle in order to increase your chances of fertility.

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