IVF Treatment Costs: What You Need To Know

The inability to fall pregnant is a distressing emotional problem for many women and their partners across the world. Thankfully, successful advances within the infertility treatment field meanswe that diagnosing and resolving it has never been easier. If it’s been determined that natural conception won’t have good outcomes for you, fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization are available.

However, the cost is something that you will need to be prepared for if you wish to go down this route. Here are the various infertility treatments available, and how much they usually cost in South Africa.

Diagnosing Infertility

The first step in treating infertility is diagnosing it correctly because many factors can contribute to a woman’s struggle to conceive or a man’s struggle to impregnate his partner.

In South Africa, a medical aid plan is beneficial when it comes to battling infertility because this disorder falls under your prescribed minimum benefits. This means that medical aid plans have to cover the cost of diagnosing the condition and that paying for it can’t come from your medical savings. Be aware that medical aid plans don’t cover the treatment costs once the condition is diagnosed. If you have a medical aid plan, make sure that you’re aware of what your specific plan covers so you know what you can claim for, and what you can’t. Because infertility treatments can be expensive and take place over several months, you don’t want to get into a hole of debt by assuming that your medical aid will cover it.

The Costs Of Treatment

There are three basic treatments used for infertility and each with different price ranges. The fertility specialist leading you through the process of therapy should be able to recommend the best treatment for you.

    • Home-Care Plan: The home-care plan involves stimulating the ovulation process by using hormone supplements administered by pill or injection, and the price ranges up to R1000 per cycle, including scans and monitoring.
    • Intra Uterine Insemination: This involves a direct deposit of sperm into the uterus, supplied by the patient’s partner. This can cost between R10 000 and R20 000.
    • In-Vitro Fertilisation: IVF is the most commonly known treatment. Ovulation is stimulated, the patient’s eggs are harvested, fertilized by her partner’s sperm and then reinserted into her uterus. The IVF cost in South Africa is between R40 000 and R50 000 per treatment cycle.

Generally, most treatments take several treatment cycles to work, which many people aren’t aware of. This should be taken into account before you start planning for treatment, so you don’t have to interrupt the process once you begin. For more information, Contact BioArt Fertility Ivf Clinic for support and to assess your options.

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