Is It Time To See A Fertility Specialist?

Did you assume that falling pregnant would be effortless and are now finding that the opposite is true? The baby-making process can be a difficult journey and more often than not isn’t always successful on the first try. You could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and may feel shame with just how long the process is taking. It’s common to feel fearful and not want to admit you need help, but you need to remember you aren’t alone in this. Instead of stressing about why you still aren’t pregnant, seek out specialists dealing with infertility treatment in South Africa for a definitive course of action.

Best fertility specialist in South Africa can assist in assessing where you are in the conception process and pinpoint possible causes as to why you haven’t conceived as yet. Based on their evaluation, treatment can be advised to improve your chances of falling pregnant.

How do you know it’s time to see a specialist or seek treatment? Consider these two important questions.

1.    Have You Been Trying For A While?

Depending on your age, a while could be six months up to a year. Actively trying to get pregnant can be overwhelming because you have to monitor days when you’re ovulating carefully. If you’ve been at it for a while and still aren’t pregnant, you should consider speaking to a professional. A long time taken to conceive isn’t necessarily an indication of infertility, but a doctor will check that your uterus is in good health and analyse your partner’s sperm samples to confirm if there could be any hinderances.

2.    Are Your Periods Regular?

Falling pregnant can only occur during ovulation. If you’re battling with irregular or painful periods, chances are you aren’t ovulating as frequently as you should. This irregularity of your reproductive functions is commonly linked to disorders such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which can create irregular periods and ultimately affect when you do ovulate. There are several health issues connected to your ovulation that can cause infertility, and seeing a specialist can address these issues to improve your fertility.

If the answers the above questions concern you, speaking to a professional can reassure you and give you insight into why your body is not functioning as it should. Starting a family can be difficult, but by being proactive in seeking advice or infertility treatment in South Africa – you can be more prepared for whatever the outcome is.

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