Four Ways To Improve Your Chances of Success With IVF Treatments

IVF is an investment of time and effort, and many varied factors will affect your success rate. So, is there anything you can do outside of your prescribed treatment that will help you increase your chances of success? Fortunately, there is. The following steps have been shown to increase the efficacy of IVF treatment and your chances of conceiving this way.

1) Prepare Your Body And Mind

One of the most critical steps to take before embarking on your IVF journey is to bring balance to your body and mind. A ‘detox’ will help put you in a better frame of mind for what’s to come. Cut out drinking and smoking and try to eliminate processed foods from your diet. Prepare mentally by trying to reduce your stress levels and gain focus, through meditation and hypnosis, or any other way of unwinding.

2) Pay Attention To Your Nutrition

There’s no substitute for a well-balanced diet to prepare your body for conception. Sometimes excess weight can mess with your hormone levels, and a lack of certain nutrients can keep your body from performing at its best. It would help if you adopted a healthier, more nutritious diet at least three months before transfer, as it will also form a strong foundation for a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy.

3) Book An Acupuncture Session On The Day Of IVF Transfer

This might surprise you, but acupuncture has been found to improve success rates as it reduces stress levels, boosts blood supply and improves ovarian function. The ideal time to start acupuncture therapy is at least three months before transfer, followed by a session on the morning of your transfer, and then another session a few hours afterwards.

4) Don’t Skip The Exercise

Exercise plays a vital role in the IVF cycle and is a great way to eliminate stress. Your exercise regimen should be gentle and not too strenuous as your body will need to rest during the Down-Regulation phase of treatment. Stick to slow walking and gentle yoga.

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