Do Fertility Treatments Work?

Some couples who have fertility issues may tend to avoid fertility treatments because they are sceptical or afraid that it won’t work. Advancements in the medical field have grown tremendously over the past couple of decades. There are different options available when it comes to fertility treatments for men and women. The key is to find the correct one for your body.

Every couple is different when it comes to a possible fertility treatment. Whether it will work or not will be determined by the diagnosis as well as a number of criteria. In every case it is difficult to say that a fertility treatment will work. The only way to know whether it will work is to take the recommended fertility treatment and follow through with the process.

IVF has become increasingly popular and since 1978 thousands of babies have been born using this method. This process involves uniting the egg with the sperm in the laboratory. Thereafter the embryos are transferred to the uterus for pregnancy to begin. Not everyone is suited to this fertility treatment. The factors that are considered which will make you a candidate for IVF are the following.

  • If a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged and the embryo cannot travel to the uterus. Or the blocked fallopian tubes are an obstacle to the fertilisation of the egg.
  • If a man has a low sperm count or has problems with sperm motility or function.
  • If a woman has severe endometriosis that affects fertilisation and implantation of the embryo in the uterus.
  • If a woman has problems related to the release or the production of eggs.
  • If a woman has an abnormally shaped uterus or fibroid tumours.
  • If either the man or woman has an unexplained infertility issue.

IVF can be a very effective fertility treatment for the viable candidate. The success rate varies and is subject to the fertility issue and your age. It is higher in younger women who have healthier eggs. The national average success rate, which is the average chance of delivering a healthy baby per cycle of treatment, is approximately 35% to 40%.There are also a number of other treatments that are alternative options for suitable candidates. However, it must be understood that fertility treatments are not one hundred percent guaranteed. Be sure to consult with a fertility doctor regarding your diagnosis as they can recommend the best course treatment for you.

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