Estimated Success Rate For Artificial Insemination Procedures In South Africa Improves Each Year

Artificial Insemination (AI) procedures have increased drastically in terms of success rates in South Africa. While previously popular among infertile couples within the top LSM bracket in South Africa due to financial freedom and the ability to undergo multiple AI procedures, AI is now on the lower LSM group’s radar. And the radar is burning bright!

Increased Success Year Upon Year

Whether it is through technological advancements, organic changes within the female body, or the increase in positive thinking and steadfast manifestations, AI is seeing more successful conceptions year upon year. Yearly stats showcase promising percentages with more couples now conceiving through this infertility treatment in a shorter period of time and at a shorter output of money. That’s right; you can become a statistic! While considered a negative thing, forming part of a statistic, in this case, is welcomed with baby dust and high hopes!

Before, infertile couples would either approach this method with financial backing and be willing to go through many a procedure with deep financial pots to dip into, while those with limited finance would avoid it completely knowing that their limited monies would only last one treatment and certainly lead to money down the doctor’s drain. However, improved stats means that this year or in years to come, just about every infertile couple in any LSM bracket can undergo treatment and potentially be treated to a little bun in the oven!

Putting Money Where Their Reproductive Organs Are!

Currently, there’s an even greater chance for successful conception with positive results seen in only fewer treatments and conception occurring sooner than expected! Shorter timeframes and fewer treatments mean less financial sacrificing to gain the investment of new birth. This is music to any infertile woman’s ears! With this in mind, infertile couples are putting their limited finances where their reproductive organs are and enjoying high pregnancy ROI.

Stats Which Every Infertile Woman Can Sing About

The rate of a successful pregnancy for artificial insemination has risen from way down to 10-15% per menstrual cycle using ICI, and 15–20% per cycle for IUI. Sure, you’re sitting there thinking, ‘what are the chances with these silly stats’, but you forget that 15 to 30 per cent in the SA academic system is a pass! And, these percentages can have a big impact when it comes to conceiving. These percentages and increases are worth a million hopes and answered prayers in the pregnancy world!

Pregnancy Gods Are On Your Side With Odds In Your Favour

Before, lower percentages of achieved pregnancy were only seen in a greater number of cycles. Now, In IUI, about 60 to 70% have achieved pregnancy after only six cycles! Yet again, music to the ears of those wanting to become parents! No wonder popularity is soaring, and AI queues are becoming longer. These estimated success rates and percentages for AI in South Africa will change the AI game completely. No longer is it a betting game with no shot in hell to win the battle against infertility. Now, those choosing AI have the betting Gods on their side and odds in their favour.

Ready To Become A Statistic?

BioArt Fertility Clinic is standing by to help you achieve your dream of conceiving your own baby. Contact us today to begin your journey of AI and let’s give you a patient number first and then make you a statistic after that! Help us to improve yearly stats by conceiving! We’ll bet on you and your fertility success!

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