Dealing With The Emotional Cost Of Artificial Insemination

Another unsuccessful pregnancy test. Will you ever get pregnant? Accepting the possibility of infertility can feel terrifying – and can lead to tension, relationship strain and a sense of hopelessness. It’s hard to stay optimistic about your situation without results, and it doesn’t help when loved ones keep reinforcing the idea that you should be positive. As much as you appreciate their words, there’s an emotional cost of artificial insemination that’s hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it yourself…

The Emotional Toll Of Making A Baby

When you’re trying for a baby and enlist medical help, it’s common to spend sleepless nights googling fertility treatments, wondering if you have enough money to cover future costs and considering ridiculous natural remedies that promise to aid in conception. It’s a frustrating period whether you’re going it alone or with a partner, and the longer it takes, the harder it is to keep your chin up. So, what can you do to hold on when the situation seems impossible?

1) Give Yourself A Break

Taking a break from trying to fall pregnant is hard. Pack away your extra pregnancy tests, and ignore your ovulation days. Speak to your partner or loved ones and give your body a break. You can decide if it’s for a few weeks or a few months – but a break is what you need right now.

2) Do The Things You Love, Again.

The pressure of conceiving can draw you into a bubble, making you dedicate more time to it than you’d like to admit. Remember how you used to enjoy reading in coffee shops? Alternatively, how you were always experimenting in the kitchen? Get back to simple tasks that make you smile, like taking a bubble bath or a stroll around a nearby botanical garden. Self-care is also self-love, and you need to focus on your whole being again.

3) Reconnect With Your Partner

Your sex-life has become repetitive. The stress of conceiving has made it seem like a chore, and you both deserve to rekindle the flame. Forget about having sex to fall pregnant and try to reconnect simply for your relationship – or take sex out of the equation entirely. Have a date night or do an activity together to remind yourself of your bond – without a baby.

At BioArt Fertility Clinic, we understand how the emotional cost of artificial insemination can take a toll on people. Contact us today for understanding and advice.

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