Can Infertility Be Avoided?

Having babies and infertility are usually the last thing that people think about when they are young adults. Their thoughts are usually consumed with studying further, building a career, or travelling the world. Finding a life partner and having babies is not at the top of the list. However, that is the best time to take care of your body and to not harm it internally. If you take care of your body, infertility could be avoided or minimised.

If that is so, how can infertility be avoided?

There are a certain lifestyle changes that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will keep your body healthy. These are the lifestyle changes you can make.

Stop Smoking. Yes, it is obvious. Smoking is harmful to your body in so many ways. It can affect almost every organ in your body with harmful toxins. Smoking causes the deterioration of your body internally which decreases their function, so your organs won’t function optimally in the future. This includes your reproductive system.

Reduce Alcohol. Drinking alcohol occasionally is not a big deal but binge drinking regularly can have harmful results on your body and your reproductive system. Alcohol is toxic to sperm, it disrupts the hormones, and increases the risk of miscarriage.

Eat Healthy. Incorporate well-balanced eating habits that include carbohydrates, protein and fibre. Eat enough fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Cut down on processed foods and junk foods that have no nutritional value. When your body is healthy on the inside it functions brilliantly.

Manage Your Weight. If you are overweight, reduce your weight with good eating habits and regular exercise. A good average weight will ensure that you don’t develop any weight related illnesses, thus your organs will be able to function optimally.

Regular Cervical Smears. Women should visit a gynaecologist regularly for a cervical smear. This screening process can lower the incidence of cancer.

Wear Loose Underwear. Men should avoid wearing tight underwear as this can lower the sperm count. It is advisable to wear loose fitting underwear such as boxer shorts. Also avoid added heat around the testicles such as taking hot baths, as this can impair sperm production.

A healthy lifestyle can minimise your chances of infertility. So take care of your body at an early age to ensure the proper functioning of your reproductive system. Then when you decide to have a baby, it will be much easier.

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