How a Baby Develops in the Womb

The development of a baby is a marvellous occurrence and experience for any woman. The feeling of another human growing inside you is an experience that you’ll never forget. Babies grow rapidly within the womb and their growth can be documented at weekly and monthly intervals. Here are the developmental stages at monthly intervals.

Month 1: The baby is an embryo at this stage. The embryo consists of two layers of cells. The body parts and organs will develop from these cells.

Month 2: At this stage the baby is the size of a bean. It has developed webbed fingers and is moving already. The heart beat and blood circulation is well established.

Month 3: The baby is about 7 to 8 centimetres in length. At this early stage the fingerprints have already developed, the teeth are formed and waiting to develop.

Month 4: The baby has grown to about 13 centimetres and the skeleton is developing into bone now whereas it was previously made of cartilage. Fingernails are formed and the placenta is fully established. You will start feeling movement at this stage.

Month 5: The baby has developed eyelids and eyebrows and is about 27 centimetres long from head to toe. They can hear sounds and will start to move into a head down position to get ready for birth.

Month 6: By now the skin will start to smooth out as more baby fat is gained. This will bring the weight to about 660 grams. They can now move their fingers and thumb in opposition.

Month 7: At this stage the eyes can open and close; and full length will be about 40 centimetres. If they are born prematurely at this stage, they could survive with the assistance of modern medical technology.

Month 8: At 8 months the lungs are well developed, total weight is roughly 2.2 kilograms. The baby will be fuller in appearance by now. A chemical called surfactant is now being produced by the baby that will help with breathing after birth.

Month 9: The due date is at hand and total weight is approximately 3.4 kilograms with length at about 51 centimetres. The development of the organs is in its final stage preparing for birth.

Your fertility doctor or gynaecologist will insist on monthly ultrasound scans to monitor the monthly growth in order to ensure that no issues arise and any potential problems are avoided. In addition, you will be able to see the development each month and this will create a bond between the two of you.

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