3 Questions That You Should Ask During Your First Consultation At An IVF Clinic

Your very first consultation at an IVF clinic can be daunting as it is a major step in your personal life. There is no reason to be nervous, but you should definitely be prepared! Remember that failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and we don’t want you to fail in your first consultation, and especially not in your efforts to fall pregnant. We want A+ pass for you!

No matter which IVF clinic you go to in South Africa, here are three questions that you should definitely ask in your first consultation. And remember, there’s never any stupid questions!

What Testing Do You Offer And Recommend?

There are many different tests that IVF clinics in South Africa can perform, which can help determine the cause of your infertility, or if you are actually infertile in the first place. You should ask about the risks involved with each type of testing. Yes, don’t be frightened, there are risks, but, we’re specialists in this process and want reward for you, not risks so will do all we can to eliminate risks – you’re already been through so much already.

You may want to ask about testing your partner too, and what exactly diagnoses are based on. The more you understand the process the better!

Based On My Diagnosis Which Treatments Do You Recommend?

Ensure that you ask about all of the treatments available to you, based on your test results. Ask about what each treatment entails, such as whether it requires medication, surgery, injections etc. Sometimes you don’t want to hear difficult answers, but we’ll be sure to take it easy with you. And, there’s always a cuppa tea after the consultation to ease any difficulty. You’ll also want to get some information about the risks involved with each treatment and all the possible side-effects. Let’s get you informed as knowledge is power.

One of the most important things to enquire about regarding treatments is the chances that you’ll have of conceiving with each treatment.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask about the price! Find out all of the payment plans and options available to, to ensure that there is something that is in line with your budget.

Discuss Your Lifestyle Habits

There are many lifestyle habits that contribute to infertility, and at your first consultation you may want to lay all of your lifestyle habits on the table so that your doctor knows what they’re dealing with. Be honest here, doctors eventually find out if you’re secretly smoking behind the garage or swigging back on the booze a bit too much! If you are serious about conceiving a child, there are a few habits that you may need to be prepared to give up. Sorry, the truth hurts and some bad habits will have to been taken to the trash!

Discussing your lifestyle with your doctor at the IVF clinic may reveal certain environmental, external or even internal factors that are playing a part in your fertility. And giving up that smoking habit or leaving the booze for the bin for a while for a baby forever is worth it!

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