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Sponsored Trials

This is a new and exciting opportunity for women with low ovarian reserves and poor ovarian

responders who are not comfortable to use donor eggs.

If you are under 40 years old and have AMH levels below 0.8ng/ml you may qualify for this newtreatment modality, as part of an Ovarian Rejuvenation clinical trial to produce your own eggs.

This is a sponsored trial done is association with the Durban University of Technology.

We will be recruiting 50 candidates only. Candidates should not have any co-morbidities such asDiabetes or Hypertension and should not have a previous history of malignancy.

Please complete the following screening questionnaire, and if you are a suitable candidate, someoneĀ from our unit will contact you to book a consultation with the Doctor for the second screening procedure.

If you have any difficulty with the questionnaire or if you have any questions, please contact Adila on +27 11 484 5168 or adila@bioartfertility.co.za